The new generation of Low SAPS engine oil specially formulated to meet the technical requirements of Volkswagen group vehicles. Its very high-tech performance optimizes the way in which anti-pollution systems - such as Particulate Filters - operate.
The QUARTZ INEO LONG LIFE 5W-30 is a synthetic technology engine oil suitable for all Gasoline and Diesel engines, including the most recent, which comply with Euro V polluting emissions reduction norms in particular. This engine oil optimizes anti-pollution systems, Particulate Filters (PF) in particular.

Norms & Homologations

International classifications

  • ACEA : ACEA C3

Manufacturers specifications

  • Approved :
    BMW : BMW LL-04
    DAIMLER : MB-Approval 229.51
    PORSCHE : Porsche C30
    VAG : VW 504.00 ,VW 507.00
  • Backward compatible :
    DAIMLER : MB-Approval 229.31

Product description

This 5W-30 grade lubricant is suitable for the most severe conditions of use (sports driving, repeated start-ups, city and
motorway driving).
Its Low SAPS technology (low content in Sulfated Ashes, Phosphorus and Sulfur) makes it the lubricant of choice for
optimal operation of the latest-engine generation equipped with anti-pollutant devices.

Product benefits:
Reduced environmental impact
Longevity of post-treatments systems
Engine protection and cleanliness
Longer oil drain intervals