NEPTUNA 2T is an oil that offers exceptional performance in high-performance outboard motors and other two-stroke engines cooled by water or air. NEPTUNA 2T is recommended for any application where NMMA TC-W3 classification fluid is recommended. It complies with API TC, JASO FB & FC standards and surpasses the TC-W3 standard. NEPTUNA 2T meets the recommendations of all major engine manufacturers including Mercury, Bombardier and Yamaha.

Norms & Homologations

International classifications

  • API : API TC

Product description

NEPTUNA 2T is recommended for all liquid cooled, two-cycle engines requiring NMMA TC-W3 type oils.

Product benefits:
- Improved scuffing protection and reduces ignition delay
- Rust and oxidation protection
- Excellent high and low temperatures performance
- Reduces piston deposits and spark plugs fouling.
- Optimal performance up to fuel/oil ratio of 100:1