TOTAL DYNATRANS HD 80W-90 is recommended for lubricating gears on agricultural machinery and subject to heavy loads or shock.
This lubricant is ideal for bridges - even hypoid - gearboxes, bevel gearboxes and PTO system without friction disk.

Norms & Homologations

International classifications

  • API : API GL-5
  • US MIL LUBRICANT : MIL-L 2105 D;Approved

Manufacturers specifications

  • Approved :
    ZF : ZF TE-ML 05A ,ZF TE-ML 12E ,ZF TE-ML 16B ,ZF TE-ML 17B ,ZF TE-ML 21A

Product description

​TOTAL DYNATRANS HD 80W-90 is recommended for the lubrication of closed case gears installed on agricultural machinery and exposed to heavy load or shocks. This oil is also suitable to axles, even hypoïd type, gear reductors, angle gears and power take-off systems without any friction discs.