NATERIA MJ 40 is designed for the lubrication of engines in power generation plants, with or without cogeneration,
when a medium ash content (between 0.5 and 1 %) is accepted by the
manufacturer: Dual fuel gas engines, biogas engines.
Low halogen content landfill gas engines. For engines fed with medium and
high halogens contaminated landfill gases, use NATERIA ML 406.

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Manufacturers specifications

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Product description

NATERIA MJ 40 contains mineral base oils selected for their thermal stability ,
nitration and oxidation resistance.
The specific additives give either important antiwear, anticorrosion properties
and improved detergency. This detergency level ensures the neutralization of
acid components coming from fuel (« Dual-Fuel » engines) or from the H2S
contained in the biogas.